Silver Star Commercial Cleaning

Professional Service

Silver Star Commercial Cleaning is a full janitorial services company.  Well established back in 1998, we are capable of covering a broad range of facility types, from commercial, retail, single office and multi-story office buildings to financial institutions, medical institutions, car dealerships, stores, educational facilities and overall clients who value the importance of clean facilities.


The most significant difference is our attention to detail.  Details not only in the obvious day-to-day services but details throughout every aspect of our business.

We face some worthy competition in the local marketplace.  We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition.  We continue investing in infrastructure, training and the latest in equipment and quality cleaning products.  We are a locally owned, independent janitorial service company and our mission statement are our satisfied customers.  We are not a franchise company where the personalized service is lost.


Quality service begins with quality goals.  All our personnel recognize the importance of providing you with a proper environment everyday.  Each facility is assigned a permanent team of maintenance professionals, whose sole responsibility is the cleanliness of your facility.  Your maintenance crew will not leave the job site until their mission is complete, regardless of the time of day or night.

Right Training

Good training starts with good people.  Each new applicant goes through an orientation program that explains our commitment to quality, integrity and complete satisfaction of customers.  The only way to maintain a high level of service is by educating and training a high quality maintenance team.  All our people are carefully interviewed and are subject to a thorough background screening and reference check.

We believe in our system and it is proving to be successful.  We pride ourselves in knowing that we have the structure that will help business owners to work in a clean environment.  When you supervise employees, then you have accountability with assurance.

Quality Assurance

To maintain the highest level of quality, each facility is personally inspected by a Silver Star supervisor.  Surprise inspections and surveys are conducted regularly.  Finding and correcting problems before you or your tenants do is our daily task.  Now, that’s really paying attention to detail and bringing you peace of mind.

Customer Service

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we will respond to any problems or emergency situations immediately.  Everyone at Silver Star is willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work.  We understand that if we don’t take care of our customers, somebody else will.

Selecting a maintenance company is an important decision, so with Silver Star Commercial Cleaning, a company that will live up to its’ commitments, you will never have to look for another maintenance service company again.

Environmentally Responsible

We take your health seriously.  Our commitment to providing a clean and healthy environment using the best products available also extends to our ongoing education about available tools.  This new generation of maintenance products helps prevent the spread of germs and will keep your facility sterile and clean.